The International MOMS Club was started in the fall of 1983 by our founder Mary B. James. The first local chapter was right here in Simi Valley! Word spread about the wonderful support that the MOMS Cub offers at  home mothers, and we became a national organization in 1985 and an international one in 1996. Now we have over 2000 local chapters with 100,000 + members.

      Many people do not understand the challenges of at home mothers. We are isolated, told our “job” couldn’t possibly be fulfilling and our finances our usually tight since we typically depend on one income. And we get little moral support from society for our decision to make the sacrifices necessary to stay at home with our children. MOMS Club was designed specifically to help at home mothers overcome those challenges.

    The organization plays an active role in reminding the media and society that mothers who choose to stay home with their children are making a valuable contribution to society, and that at – home mothers should be given as much credit for their choice as mothers who choose to return to work. By creating a network of mothers, we are creating an opportunity to express our views as a group. We can share our ideas, concerns and inspiration. Together we can make a difference!